Research in Practice Network

A practice based research network for physiotherapists 

Welcome to the Network

What is the Research in Practice Network?

The Research In Practice Network brings together clinicians and researchers. We are a group of physiotherapists from private practice and the public health sector, working with leading researchers and other stakeholders involved in patient care. We aim to:

  • Generate clinically relevant research that makes meaningful differences in our patients’ lives.
  • Connect and collaborate to promote change in our healthcare community.
  • Break down barriers between research and clinical practice physiotherapy, across disciplines and between stakeholders (like consumers and care funders).

Bringing together research & practice

What we do

The Network brings together local physiotherapists and leading researchers to undertake research into real world problems commonly faced by physios in their clinics.

While still in its early days, the Network will select research questions important to physios, conduct high quality research and find evidence-based solutions to clinical problems.

Our vision is to improve the care that we deliver and create lasting improvements in patient outcomes in our local community.


Why we do it

Physiotherapists are ideally placed to provide evidence-based, high value care for a range of health issues.

However, many patients still experience care that is not recommended by evidence. There is an ongoing gap between what is recommended by high quality evidence and what happens daily in physiotherapy clinics across Australia.

Often much emphasis is placed on the failure of clinicians to implement evidence-based care, but poor quality research is also at fault. Research may not be relevant to clinical practice and many research studies do not provide sufficient information for use in practice.

High-quality research designed, conducted and implemented by physiotherapists and researchers together can better address these problems. This network aims to do things differently and bring together the worlds of research and practice to ultimately improve the health of regional Australians.

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Send us a message if you would like to know more about the Network or express your interest in becoming a member.

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