Research in Practice Network

A musculoskeletal network 

Welcome to the Network

What is the Research in Practice Network?

The Research In Practice Network brings together clinicians and researchers working in musculoskeletal care.

 We aim to:

  • Generate clinically relevant research that makes meaningful differences in our patients’ lives.
  • Connect and collaborate to promote change in our healthcare community.
  • Break down barriers between research and clinical practice physiotherapy, across disciplines and between stakeholders (like consumers and care funders).

Bringing together research & practice

What we do

The Network brings together local musculoskeletal practitioners from various disciplines to summarise research findings and improve knowledge of our members. We discuss implementation barriers to the recommended best practice care in our region and work together to solve these problems so that we can all strive to improve the care we deliver to our patients. 

The long term vision of the Network is to plug knowledge gaps with our own practice based research, which can be immediately implemented into practice across the Network – enhancing research translation and improving patient outcomes sooner.


Why we do it

Musculoskeletal health conditions place a large burden on society. Unfortunately, musculoskeletal health care is often delivered that is not in alignment with the research evidence and is not considered high value care. 

We have identified a few barriers to the implementation of evidence based care in our region. Busy clinicians have reported not having sufficient time to deeply engage with the evidence on a regular basis. In addition, there is a lot of low quality evidence or findings that cannot be easily translated and applied in a “real world” clinical situation. 

High-quality research designed, conducted and implemented by clinicians and researchers together can better address these problems. This network aims to do things differently and bring together the worlds of research and practice to ultimately improve the health of regional Australians.