Bone Stress Injury panel presentation a hit with local musculoskeletal Clinicians

We recently hosted another Musculoskeletal Insight Session on the topic of Bone Stress Injuries (BSI). In 2023, a survey of our members identified that BSI were something that local clinicians wanted to learn more about or had implementation barriers to delivering high-value care.

The format of these presentations, conducted by a multidisciplinary team, was pivotal for this topic, as bone stress injuries can rarely be managed effectively by one discipline. Dr. Ross Cairns, a local Sports and Exercise Physician from Newcastle Sports Medicine, presented a spectacular summary of the pathophysiology, identification of BSI, the importance of recognising high-risk sites, and medical management. Dr. Virgil Chan, our local musculoskeletal radiologist from Clarity Imaging, presented the imaging pathway for bone stress injuries and showed some grading and classification examples.

For the first time, RIPN was very pleased to invite a sports dietitian to our panel, Dr. Rebecca Haslam from Nutrient Nation. Bec has extensive experience leading nutritional strategic planning for elite athletes at the AIS and has a special interest in RED-S. It was clear that the audience had many questions about diet, supplementation, and the effects on bone health and performance in athletes, and it was great to have Bec’s expertise on the panel. Lastly, Kelly Kortick, a physiotherapist from Newcastle Performance Physio, presented some findings regarding how bones respond to load and how to apply this in a clinical setting for rehabilitation, including some insights into return-to-run programming.

Following this event, RIPN aims to develop resources to overcome any implementation issues faced in our region when managing athletes with BSI. Dr. Greg Lovell summarised that one of the most important aspects of managing these conditions is to connect and collaborate within the multidisciplinary team, as one discipline alone is not equipped to manage the complexities of these injuries.

The Musculoskeletal Research in Practice Network has recently seen a growth in members, now reaching 250 musculoskeletal-focused practitioners and researchers. We saw 68 members in attendance at this recent event and continue to see the interest in these events grow. We have diversified our membership, welcoming more physiotherapists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, chiropractors, general practitioners, sports physicians, and orthopaedic surgeons.

You can find the full recording of this session [here] (presentation only).


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