Musculoskeletal Clinicians Grow Collective Knowledge Through Case Presentations

Another format of events that RIPN uses to bring together local clinicians is the Case Presentation Evening. In a smaller, more intimate setting of around 20 people, RIPN members gather to share cases and grow the collective knowledge and experience of the group.

The success of these events depends on local clinicians volunteering to present to their peers and as such, previous contributors and hosts are rewarded with first invitation to attend these events. 

There are three presentations during these evenings:

  1. A case that offers a clinical reasoning or management challenge, providing an opportunity for theoretical knowledge growth.
  2. A case that offers an opportunity for growth in practical, hands-on skills.
  3. A critical appraisal of a publication to build capacity in reading, critiquing and applying research findings.  

These evenings are hosted by local private practice clinics, rotating around the Newcastle and Hunter region. This also offers an opportunity for clinics to share ideas about clinic setup, equipment, and resources to further advance musculoskeletal care delivery.

If you would like to join the waiting list to attend a case presentation evening, or volunteer your practice to host a future event, please email

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