Musculoskeletal Research Event Sheds Light on Hip FAI Syndrome

The Musculoskeletal Research in Practice Network (RIPN) hosted another successful event, focusing on the intriguing topic of Hip FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement) syndrome in young athletes.

The event drew enthusiastic participation from the local musculoskeletal community, showcasing their dedication to advancing knowledge and addressing clinical challenges.

We would like to thank our PD events team for behind the scenes logistics in organising the event, Newcastle University, our major sponsor Clarity Imaging.

Special appreciation goes to our presenters Dr David Dewar, Dr Nicholas Murphy and Nikki Manvell, for their thorough summary of the latest evidence on classification, diagnosis, and management of this complex condition, and for sharing personal clinical insights in the panel discussion.

These sessions aim to improve local knowledge gaps and come up with solutions for local problems we all face when implementing best care for our patients.

Together, we aim to collaborate on a summary document to enhance patient care in our community.  

Click here for the full recording of this event.

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