Research for clinicians, by clinicians

In 2021, Research In Practice Network (RIPN) members have been hard at work developing our research agenda and plan. At RIPN, we have 70% leadership from private practice physiotherapists, and our research agenda represents the issues that matter most to clinicians who are key end-users of research evidence.

Often research fails to answer clinically relevant questions. Or a lack of clinical input into the research process leads to treatments that can’t be implemented in practice because it lacks necessary information, or the participants included in research don’t reflect the patients that clinicians see every day. This leads to a substantial proportion of research that is considered waste.

At RIPN, we are doing things differently. The research that we produce is made for clinicians, by clinicians.

Ultimately, our vision is to improve the care that we deliver and make a lasting improvement in the lives of local patients.

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