Research in Practice Network (RIPN) evolves into an interdisciplinary musculoskeletal network

Initially led by physiotherapists, RIPN now embraces clinicians and researchers from all fields involved in musculoskeletal healthcare. Recognising that musculoskeletal issues affect multiple disciplines, we believe that collaborating across specialties can lead to innovative solutions. By connecting locally and breaking down silos, we aim to overcome barriers to delivering high-quality care. Our vision is to build a strong, interconnected community of clinicians and researchers who can drive projects to address local clinical needs effectively.

RIPN recently hosted its first inter-disciplinary professional development event focusing on ankle syndesmosis injuries. Local experts, including Dr. Steven Kent (Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon), Dr. Jin Lee (Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician), Dr. Virgil Chan (Musculoskeletal Radiologist), and Murray Leyland (APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist), collaborated to review the latest evidence and address controversies surrounding the assessment and management of syndesmosis injuries in our region. The event marked a successful collaboration across disciplines, providing clarity and insight into this challenging area of musculoskeletal care.

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