RIPN unveils their plans to improve local patient outcomes

Research In Practice Network (RIPN) members and Steering Committee have been busy throughout 2021 developing the foundations for our research plan. Recently, at RIPN’s Roadmap event, we were able to celebrate the achievements during our first 12 months, and present on our work so far.

During the RIPN Roadmap event, our clinician-led Steering Committee communicated our first findings with our members and other local physiotherapists, other health professionals, and industry stakeholders. The RIPN Roadmap event was also a chance to continue the spirit of co-production and engage the attendees in the next phases of RIPN research.

How we got here:

In 2021, we started by understanding what problems are most important to clinicians and other care stakeholders (like Emergency Medicine Doctors, Private Health Insurance representatives, and other medical professionals) at our problem mapping workshop. Through this one-day long workshop with over 30 participants, we prioritised 3 key problem areas – our 3 pillars of research.

    1. Understanding patients’ perception of musculoskeletal conditions and what is effective to manage them.
    2. Tackling the poor quality of care for musculoskeletal conditions
    3. Tackling the lack of preventive focus from the healthcare system

What we’ve done:

We have finalised a rapid review into high value care, and are now co-producing a statement from RIPN into what high value care means from a clinician’s perspective.

What’s next on the horizon:

In 2022 and beyond, we will work with key stakeholder groups alongside patients, to understand these 3 pillars further.

We look forward to big things in 2022 and beyond. Enjoy some photos from our Roadmap event and if you want to find out more about what we’ve done and where we are heading, please get in touch.

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