The Research In Practice Network has officially launched

New South Wales Regional Health Partners (RHP) and Hunter New England Population Health (HNEPH) Musculoskeletal Research Team have worked hard throughout 2020 to bring together the two areas of research and clinical practice in a practice based research network for physiotherapists.

Why has this network been created?

Most research doesn’t focus on the problems clinicians face, because they have rarely been given a voice in research agenda and conduct. The consequence is that many clinical problems remain unresolved or practices aren’t evidence-based. This initiative aims to do things differently and bring together the two worlds of research and practice to ultimately improve the health of regional Australians.

What will the network do?

The Research In Practice Network aims to:

  • Provide clinicians with an active role in the research generation process
  • Generate more clinically relevant research

This network will have a positive impact on the care standards in regional NSW and ultimately improve the health of many Australians.

What has been done so far?

The Network launched in December, bringing together 27 physiotherapists from 19 clinics across the greater Newcastle region together with a team of leading researchers, notably Prof Christine Jorm (Director NSW Regional Health Partners) and A/Prof Christopher Williams (Program Lead, HNEPH Musculoskeletal Research Team).

Who is involved in the network?

The network currently has contributions for hunter-based physiotherapists from private practice clinics and researchers fro

What’s next for the network?

The network aims to have 2 key projects under way by the end of 2021. In order to ensure these projects have impact on regional care standards, we are currently scoping problems that are most meaningful to clinicians, patients and other stakeholders. It’s an exciting time for the community and we look forward to sharing more updates throughout the year.

If you would like to find out more about the Research In Practice Network, please contact Connor Gleadhill on

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